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Peripheral Communication

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RGB LED Panels can be set to any colour

Peripheral Communication is the communication of information about a system via non intrusive means.

For example a homeowner wants to know what temperature the pool is, it is possible using a lighting control and automation system to take the temperature information from the pool controller and display that on an LCD screen in the kitchen. However it is also possible to take that same information and display different colours through the in-floor tiles in the entrance hallway.

Lets say the client likes swimming in 28 degree water, it would be possible to display blue tiles for 26 degrees, orange tiles for 28 degrees and red tiles for 30 degrees - with all the colours in between accurately representing the actual temperature of the pool.

For the first month the client walks through the hallway - they will be intently monitoring the tiles to check the colour and dipping a toe to see how well the system is working. After the first month, the client probably wont stop and look at the tiles anymore, but will always know the temperature of the pool because their sub-conscious is taking that information in automatically.

Going out to a heated pool to look at the thermometer is something every pool owner does on a regular basis - say every few days. If the information was displayed on an LCD screen in the kitchen, the update rate would be more likely daily. With peripheral communication, we are updating the client 10 times a day as they walk through an area, however they are not consciously aware of the process taking place.

Peripheral Communication this means our client is up to date with what is going on in their home - without bombarding them with screens full of information. The system of peripheral communication can be used for weather, stock information, time of day - anything at all can be reported on and displayed in any manner using this system. for more information on Peripheral Communication or LED PWM Dimming via RS232 and DMX visit



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