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Mood Lighting

led bathroom

LED's in the ceiling and fibre in the floor

Path Lighting

Halogen uplights

Mood lighting is the use of light to configure a room for a certain mood or 'preset'. For example, in a lounge you may have a dim 'dining' mood, a brighter 'cooking' mood, an 'evening' mood that hilights art, and an 'all off' mood. Lighting control systems permit the setup and recall of these moods with a simple button press.

Lighting for Atmosphere
The use of lighting to create an atmosphere, for example - uplighting tall columns to create a sense of height, back lighting a sculpture to make it stand out - without being flatly lit from above or side lighting a tree to give it a new dimension during the evening.

Colour plays an important role in atmospheric lighting, where it is possible to place a plastic or glass filter over the light to create a colour. For example you might have a themed bar with rose coloured coffer lighting blended with white light on dimmers so you could subtly alter the mood of the room. The ultimate in coloured light is a red, green and blue LED light strip, hidden from view and dimmed so that any colour at all can be created!

Imagine siting in a home theatre, the ceiling a bright white, as the movie starts, the 'sky' changes to a reddy yellow, then through to a deep blue and black as the fibre optic stars come out. To see one of these "sunset ceilings" in action visit

Path lighting
The creation of sequence of lights from one place to another, usually from a garage, down the hall to the kitchen, and including dim lighting in the halls to other key rooms. This is most commonly triggered by the alarm being unset or a 'welcome home' button on the wall in the garage or by the front door.

Path lighting could also be used in an outdoor setting, triggered off beams to lead a guest around the grounds, different lights triggering in sequence to direct the viewers eye to various plantings, art or design features.



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