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Lighting Keypad

A Lighting Control system will allow you to contol loads or recall presets at the touch of a button.  Events such as time of day or alarm unsets can be used to trigger lights or presets.

Two good systems are the Centralite system  - pictured at the right.  Centralite is a great product where simple cost effective control is required. For more information on Centralite visit

The Vantage lighting and Automation System from also permits integration to music systems, media servers, ip cameras etc for a full home automation package. Pictured here is the 1210 wifi touchscreen that will deliver news and video as well as control lights, hvac, security and music.

Lighting control systems are an excellent way to get more out of your fittings, for example a "goodnight" button by the bed might shut of all the lights in the house, but leave a dim glow in the hallway for a few hours before turning off.

Visit for more information on lighting control systems in your area.



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