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Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures

Always use good quality fittings outdoors
You cant go past 316 grade
marine stainless for reliability 

The mechanical fitting that contains the bulb, usually a ceiling or wall mounted device, they are now commonly available in floor or ground mounts for uplighting.

The bulb may be tungsten, halogen, low pressure sodium, metal halide, led, compact flourescent or even fibreoptic light delivered from a distant light source with or without colour. LED, Fluorescent , Linear Tungsten Filament and neon lighting are useful for long lengths of recessed lighting or wall washes.

Selecting a Fixture
First decide what you want to do with the light, is it general illumination or task specifc? 

Now decide the amount of lux you require and the mouting location, this will determine the lamp type. 

With the task, location and lamp type in hand you can now choose a fixture, remember if you are working outside - there is no substitute for high quality stainless fittings with stianless fixing and potted weatherproof electronics.


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